Naeun in Apink Showtime ep04

Chorong in Apink Showtime ep04


naeun being adorable on mnet wide news (x)

Hello! I'm a NaCho shipper too! and I'm obssessed with them as much as you are! LMAO. I REALLY REALLY LOVE ALL OF YOUR GIFS OF THEM SERIOUSLY! I GET FEELS WHENEVER THEY INTERACT THEY ARE MY FAVORITE OTP AND BOTH ARE MY BIAS! <3 Please continue to make gifs of them!! hahaha! :)

Hello to you back!! :D Oh yeah another nacho shipper heuhahaha. Welcome aboard anon. I have a feeling you’re telling the truth. I mean about the part you are just as obsess with them as I am. Lets be partner LMAO

I’m so spoiled these days, receiving love from you guys make me all giddy and happy. I know right? WE HAVE THE SAME FAVS. Their interaction is precious I tell you, aint no way I’m gonna just ignore that without making it lasting on my page. lol
Thank you anon for loving my gifs, I love you too. xD