………fairy idols?

………fairy idols?

Jeon MinJu - Goodbye Rain (x)


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Hello! I'm from Vietnam and I was 1 NaCho's shipper ~ I'm glad you always create the gif to send NaCho to shipper. Thanks to your gif I made 2 video nacho moment. I still always watching you and waiting for your new product to continue to add more video NaCho moment. Right now I'm continuing to NaCho moment video part 3 :) I hope to make friends with you via facebook or twitter. Can you give me the address please? Where do you live? 1 Once again thank you!!!

Another NaCho shipper!!!

And so the NaCho’s love is spreading…. xD

awww your welcome. Making the gifs is always been my joy. Woah I didn’t know you can make video with these gifs lol. I think I did come across with one of your video since I’m a heavy video searcher of them both. You did good btw, kudos to you. And I feel so proud ;___;  it’s like teaching one of your student and she follows well and do good in her exam lol in short the nacho’s love is spreading and expanding. haha im so weird please ignore that. Honestly, I’m really short right now. I’m not sure it’s gonna be enough for you to make another video but still I’ll post what I have in hand and search for another. If you know another one of their precious moments that I haven’t post, please do tell me. I do have a twitter, I’m not really as talkative there as I am here btw lol I’ll give it to you after this :D nah~ i just give it here (since i don’t know how to send it privately lol) @izzmh. Thank you to you too. 



nacho ♡ 1-11 / 12

Oops I didn’t realize Naeun was doing gwiyomi alongside Chorong! I guess Chorong alone was drawing 110% of my attention.

lol can’t blame you though. It’s not like everyday we could see Chorong’s gwiyomi act. I too was anticipating it and her infamous embarrassing moment xD but then I realized she made eye-contact w Naeun while doing it. These two are cute .

Oh hello. ^^ Your blog is frequently appearing on my dashboard and mostly the posts are 'Nacho'. Others may think that 'Nacho' is covered or blocked by 'Chomi' and '2eun' but for me I DO see their interactions. And nowadays Chorong seems to be closer to Naeun than Bomi which makes me feel sad for I am a 'Chomi' shipper. ㅠㅠ I don't hate 'Nacho' or anything. I like every OTP in Apink. ^^ (Gosh I don't know my point in this. ㅠㅠ) Annyeong~!

Oh hello Chomi shipper! Welcome to my humble abode. You see, it is my life mission to spread the love of Nacho and influence people *evil laughs*. lol I’m joking. Forgive me.

I don’t know if I should celebrate or feel sorry for that. I’m flattered to appear on your dashboard but I don’t know how you feel about it. xD

It is always refreshing to hear perspectives from other shipper. Yes, I agree with you. I believe most of us fans do see their interaction but tend to ignore it. Thing is, they all made interaction and when you see your favorite, you tend to focus on them instead . It’s funny though. As a Nacho shipper, I thought Chorong seems closer to Bomi now than before eventhough I still think she is closest to Naeun. I don’t have proof to back that up, I can only say Naeun’s closest member is Chorong. And don’t feel sad about this anon because in the end they are all close to each other and it is the only thing that’s matter. /virtual hug you.

lol Don’t worry about that anon. You don’t need a point to leave me a message. I’m sure you drop me one because you wanna say something on your behalf and I appreciate it. I welcome any thoughts, feelings, opinion, discussion as long as it is something that I could handle. Thank you anon for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my blog, bye bye :D

nacho ♡ 1-11 / 12

apink’s showtime preview ♡ son naeun, please……